Sunday, March 27, 2005

Somewhere deep in the South Fork of Shoshone Canyon near Cody, WY. Posted by Hello

Anya in the lower bowl below the second pitch of "Grandma's Chicken" near Cody, WY. Posted by Hello

Joel making things interesting on "Grandma's Chicken" in Cody, WY. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

4 feet 3 days

Well it snowed 4 feet last week and I was able to get out to Red Lodge twice and Bridger Bowl once. Best snowboarding of my rather young montana life. Real eager to get out and climb but it looks like we're getting another dumping this week, might head down to Cody for one last bout with the south fork ice.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Yup, snow all over the mountains. When you have a choice between slogging through powder all day or riding down it, you take the latter. Rode my board solo up at Red Lodge this morning finding a good foot or more of the fresh stuff, while Anya ran a 5K in town.

If anyone needs a job we (CTA) have 42 (yes, that's forty-two) openings accross the northwest. Please take one, they want us to work more OT.

Wondering how big they let a blog page get? So why not post some more photos???

RETRO: a rare lonely alpine wall in the tetons; the north face of Buck Mountain 11938' (AD+) climbed early July 2004. Posted by Hello

RETRO: early may 2004 on Rock Wars (5.10) one of Kentucky's finest crack routes. Posted by Hello

RETRO: early july 2004 in the tetons fighting the wind with Peter from SanFran and Nate from Boone, NC. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Strawberry and Banana flexing in front of all the steep diamonds they tore up on Saturday. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Red Hot Red Lodge

We partied up Anya birthday this weekend with 6 crazy folks from accross the continent. Sarah showed up snowboard in hand ready to shred and even the infamous Seftick, cursing the midwest the whole time, dropped into our little cabin at 1:30 in the morning Saturday after leaving straight from his mid-term exam at the U. We rode Red Lodge Mountain all day Saturday only to wonder why Sheldon wasn't at the apres ski bar with us. Low and behold he was in the e-room, but he recovered quickly and off to the hot tub it was. Sunday I took Seftick up the classic Red Lodge ice climb "Silver Falls" (WI4) which with the warm weather proved to be more of a chinese water torture test. I'd have photos if it wern't for my unorthodox method of transferring the camera down to a lower elevation.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Twenty something man lounging next to a past piece of artwork in a large town on a Sunday morning. Posted by Hello

When you're back in your old neighborhood......

It was a fast weekend. Intellectual conversation dropped like rain. Saw a lot of good old friends thursday night, time flew too fast, didn't get to finish a lot of stories, until next time. Modest Mouse turned out to be impressive instrumentalist, reworking their live songs much like Radiohead.

Urban life runs fast except when you're stuck on the train. Really though, I felt as if the place has stayed the same. Kind of like not watching TV for a year and finding out you missed nothing. Of couse, what's important is how the people have grown...

Chicago traffic was it's usual rough self. Posted by Hello