Friday, June 07, 2013

What's Up? Hiatus? Maybe

No posts in a while eh?  Well this ^ happened.  It kind of took a lot of time.  I'm proud of it.  I think it was well received by the community.  Already needs an update.  Still climbing, psssst Ten Sleep is awesome! just not posting.  Did Facebook kill blogs?  Not sure what's next, which is kind of exciting. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Justin leading Big Eagle Feather.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Billings Bouldering Renaissance

When Aaron found this boulder above, now labeled the Golf Ball Boulder, the rims surprised me beyond expectation.  Solid bulbous sandstone on public land!  Buried in a ravine and covered by trees the stone seems to have kept a higher water content and aged nicely with a fine coat of efflorescence. There are at least 3 problems navigating this thing.  cHuck is see above here working the V-hard project.

Aaron topping out a yet unnamed V4? on the Circuit Board Boulder.

Aaron on another yet unnamed V3? on the Circuit Board Boulder.

Monday, April 16, 2012

One Year Later

link from August of 2006
link from April 2011

Greg Seftick (aka Wildcat, El Doctoro Seftickko, Captain Coco Nuts, Gary Sieflick) doing what he loved.  Skiing the Skillet Glacier on Mount Moran.  One of the premier alpine ski descents in the US.  He was always super humble.  He'd say he wasn't that good of a skier because he lived in Minnesota, or West Virginia, or anywhere that didn't have real mountains, but I saw him ski many times and he was strong, smooth, and calculated.  He could ski like a boss!!!

Weekends still feel weird without a phone call from him asking what huge route got climbed.  Funny thing was, whenever he'd call most of the time I'd have to go to the bathroom so I'd have to call him back.  Don't know why, maybe he just had good timing, every time it'd happen he'd just laugh...... miss him.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Boulders in Billings

Doing the move on "Slam Dunk" on the Clubhouse Boulder.

Aaron and I got out Saturday to an area on the rims I've been eying up.  Rims bouldering is quite fickle.  There's millions of boulders, but very few have good quality stone and sit on public land, and rarely do they group together to form an area.  The Country Club area is one of those rare places.  There's much more than these boulders and we're excited to explore some more.
"Push Me Pull Me" an interesting crack stem problem on the Patio Boulder.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Back to Bouldering

Girl Crusherz - Lis sending the classic Arnold Palmer V2 with Angela's ascent soon after.

Last Saturday a big crew (5 people + 3 pads + 1 drooling dog) pilled into the TenHarmsel Suby and zipped down to Cody to join Clint and Kerrek in an effort to get our steel fingers back.  Much was sent but much more remains for later.  I learned I need to drop some weight, work my finger strength, and get used to my new shoes.  Given that I was falling off 5.10s on top rope last July all is not lost, but progress to get back to my pre anemic days has been slow.

Kerrek with a nice "day flash" of Shyza Shyza.  I think cHuck would've gotten the flash if I hadn't given him bad finishing beta.

Sir TenHarmsel sending The Gym, one of the best V3's in Cody.

cHuck flashing Ancient Sea of Fire.  My attempts at this remain thwarted.

A few hard things on the Harley Boulder near the parking lot went down after a full day bouldering elsewhere.

cHuck finishing the day on the Harley Boulder