Monday, April 25, 2011

Mount Inabnit, Beartooths

Greg Seftick and I on our last summit together, July 4th 2010.
beginning the moderate snow couloir.
Greg topping out the couloir. He climbed it with strap on crampons over his running approach shoes. How local of him.
Greg coming up the couloir on Mount Inabnit.

Greg relaxing at camp, and journaling post climb with our summit in the skyline. I had been quite anemic the preceding months and hadn't been doing much climbing, and was still feeling ill when he came to town to get a climb in. I proposed this mountain because my strength was weak and this climb was less technical than what we normally would look for thus we could hike in with less weight. The climb still destroyed my body and it took me weeks to recover. WORTH IT. I always felt safer having Greg on a climbing trip. I haven't climbed much since this trip as I'm still trying to regain my health.

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