Thursday, July 21, 2005

Crisco Disco

Just an update here as I see it's been a while and with good reason.

1. Took a small climbing break after the tetons
2. I am in the middle of shopping for a house.
3. I was beaten out for a house because I was at a softball game and missed the offer window by 15 minutes. (let the jokes begin)
4. I hit the game winning home run at the above softball game.
5. My climbing parter took a 15 foot fall onto a ledge and banged up his ankle on our 3rd pitch of some huge rock wall in the mountains.
6. The above provided some excitement in getting down.
7. I cut some hairs.
8. OK, I had a lot of hairs cut.
9. I've been working at CTA for more than a year now, and I still like my job.
10. It's freaking hot here.

till more......

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Grand, Owen, and Teewinot from our cabin at the American Alpine Club Climbers's Ranch. Posted by Picasa

Disapointment Peak (11,600 feet) and it's spoon couloir dropping down to Amphitheater Lake which Mr. Seftick skied on July 4th. Posted by Picasa

Anya and Jeff on the summit rock ridge. Posted by Picasa

The Rookie thinking going down the spoon might be just as hard as going up. Posted by Picasa

Jeff about to pancake on one of the Jenny Lake campground boulders. Posted by Picasa

The north face of Middle Teton from the Grand. Posted by Picasa

Jeff and Anya heading towards the southwest couloir and summit of Middle Teton, 12,804 feet. Posted by Picasa

The Grand Teton from camp at the lower saddle. Posted by Picasa

Yes Joel, that's a tensile structure. Camp at 11,600 feet. Posted by Picasa

Jeff in the coulior between the upper and lower saddle with Middle Teton looking on. Posted by Picasa

Jeff. Anya, and Seftick, chugging to the upper saddle. Posted by Picasa

LE GUIDE DE HAUTE MONTAGNE. Joel at the second belay on the Owen-Spalding. - "Now just go climb that mixed chimney over there and you're summit bound." Posted by Picasa

Dicey mixed climbing over with, Anya sets the controls for the heart of the summit on the final snowfield. Posted by Picasa

Joel on the last steps to the summit. Posted by Picasa

VIVA LA SUMMIT. Joel and Anya as sitting royalty of the Tetons at 13,770 feet. Posted by Picasa

Joel getting to the good climbing, starting up the second pitch of Baxter's Pinnacle, Tetons, July 3rd 2005. Posted by Picasa

College Boy topping out the ridge on the third pitch of Baxter's Pinnacle. Posted by Picasa

The Doctor pulling summit holds on Baxter's Pinnacle above Jenny Lake in the Tetons, July 3rd. Posted by Picasa