Monday, January 01, 2007

Lame December and the Year in Review

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December of 2006 was laced with illness and the holidays. In terms of climbing there was a whole lot of hiking and very little climbing. Twice we went in, only to turn around. I have been and will be coaching the local climbing team for the next few months. I can say the kids have improved quite a bit from day one. Looking back at 2006 I can think of a couple routes to highlight.

Spring Loaded in Valdez, Alaska

The Bearcrack in the Beartooths

Glacier Lake Headwall in the Beartooths

To those that have joined me on a route or two this past year, thanks for the great times and may 2007 have more successes than 2006.

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Greg said...

It was cool that you chose the Bearcrack as one of the highlights of the year for you, as it definitely was a highlight for me as well. I was shocked that you thought enough of me to bring that apparently unclimbed tower up as an option when I rolled into town. Great rock (minus that summit block) in a fantastic setting. The 7th pitch was fun, and watching you lead that 8th pitch (the nasty, slightly overhanging, flaring, offwidth with big exposure) blew my mind. I don't think I have ever seen anything so sick in the mountains. No way I could have done it. Happy New Year. (P.S. You still should post pictures of your adventure into the Beartooths in early Dec, as some of us still live in MinnesSUCKa and just enjoy a little new eye candy every so often.)