Thursday, January 26, 2006

a Moment of Recovery

Just a note here. In the middle of a no-climbing break, still training, just haven't been out in a week or so. Lots going on.

The new look, its been a year now and I've posted over 100 photos. (really!) dig through the archive and wonder where the year went, and wonder how I still feel I didn't climb enough.

The Beartooth Route Log Book version 1.0 is now ready for viewing and new route submissions at Steepworld Climbing Gym. If you've got anything to add to it give me an email.

Be on the lookout for some of my photos of Aaron Mulkey climbing "Hostile Takeover" on the cover of this weeks edition of "Pulse," the Red Lodge / Cody activities news print.

I will be climbing in Valdez, Alaska the last week of February / first week of March. They say if you can climb well in Cody you can climb well anywhere. Time to put that to the test. Wait, I could be climbing better..........

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someone from OUT OF STATE said...

I have noticed a dramatic drop-off in the posting of new pictures...What's the problem?