Thursday, July 21, 2005

Crisco Disco

Just an update here as I see it's been a while and with good reason.

1. Took a small climbing break after the tetons
2. I am in the middle of shopping for a house.
3. I was beaten out for a house because I was at a softball game and missed the offer window by 15 minutes. (let the jokes begin)
4. I hit the game winning home run at the above softball game.
5. My climbing parter took a 15 foot fall onto a ledge and banged up his ankle on our 3rd pitch of some huge rock wall in the mountains.
6. The above provided some excitement in getting down.
7. I cut some hairs.
8. OK, I had a lot of hairs cut.
9. I've been working at CTA for more than a year now, and I still like my job.
10. It's freaking hot here.

till more......

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