Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Red Hot Red Lodge

We partied up Anya birthday this weekend with 6 crazy folks from accross the continent. Sarah showed up snowboard in hand ready to shred and even the infamous Seftick, cursing the midwest the whole time, dropped into our little cabin at 1:30 in the morning Saturday after leaving straight from his mid-term exam at the U. We rode Red Lodge Mountain all day Saturday only to wonder why Sheldon wasn't at the apres ski bar with us. Low and behold he was in the e-room, but he recovered quickly and off to the hot tub it was. Sunday I took Seftick up the classic Red Lodge ice climb "Silver Falls" (WI4) which with the warm weather proved to be more of a chinese water torture test. I'd have photos if it wern't for my unorthodox method of transferring the camera down to a lower elevation.

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